Radical film at the
dawn of a new society

Radical film
at the dawn of
a new society

Antifa for All

Radical film
at the dawn
of a new

Antifa for All

Thursday 15:00 - 16:00
With Alexandra Weltz-Rombach (producer, director), Andreas Reihse (script)
Cast: Eray Egilmez, Anna Schumacher, Grace Guthrie and introducing Nika Djordjadze-Reihse


(registration required, register@radicalfilm.net, free)
Please note: This event will take place in German


Antifa for All is a film project with different narrative levels. Conceptually a hybrid of documentary and feature film, it interweaves three narrative strands: 1. scenic documentary, 2. historical documentary and 3. playfully staged.


The film asks the questions: why Antifa and what does Antifa stand for? The film examines the historical dimension of anti-fascism from the 1930s to the present day; exemplifies the antifascism at the Wewelsburg; and follows the international – European as well as extra-European – dimension of a contemporary Antifa.


The playfully staged narrative thread introduces a meta-level that – in a fictional plot – follows aged Antifas who are in the process of making a film.


Using fragments and loose thoughts, we take part in the complex process of collectively developing a film. The dialogues reveal the different approaches of the protagonists, what the idea of ​​this film and what its goal could be, and how radical – in terms of content and aesthetics – it should be. We witness conflicts and problem solving.