Radical film at the
dawn of a new society

Radical film
at the dawn of
a new society


Radical film
at the dawn
of a new


Friday 15:30 - 16:30
Michelle-Marie Letelier
Transpose is an ongoing project that explores cross-hemispherical relations with regard to different tensions: the kinship, insertion, farming and impact of salmon; the anthropocentric management and manipulation of living marine resources, and the coexistence and disappearance of indigenous knowledge, from origin to destination in the contemporary context. Its main objective is to provide a reflection on these issues through a series of artworks and an interdisciplinary debate, aiming to reach local, artistic, philosophical, scientific and indigenous communities in Nordic countries, Germany, Canada and Chile.
 Michelle-Marie Letelier (Chile, 1977) is an artist and filmmaker, who lives and works in Berlin. Her videos and VR have been exhibited in international screenings and festivals.She has obtained grants from the Ministry of Culture & Arts – Government of Chile; KORO – Public Art Norway; Goethe Institut Chile-Canada-Norway, IFA- Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen and Berliner Senate in Germany. She has been a resident at ISCP (NYC, 2014), USF (Bergen, 2017), Kunstnerhuset (Svolvær, 2018), Magallanes2020 (Punta Arenas, 2018), ISLA (Antofagasta, 2018) and Troms fylkeskultursenter (Tromsø, 2019).