Radical film at the
dawn of a new society

Radical film
at the dawn of
a new society

Videoaktivism – Engaged filmmaking in the 21. Century

Radical film
at the dawn
of a new

Videoaktivism – Engaged filmmaking in the 21. Century

Thursday 16:30 - 17:30
Leftvision, Docs for Democracy, ver.di TV
Politically engaged filmmaking has undergone some profound changes in the last decades, on the formal level as well as the question of production and distribution. What remains is the notion to inform, create Gegenöffentlichkeit and provide a critical narrative that cannot be found in mainstream discourse.


The discussion gathers very diverse protagonists for a conversation on the possibilities of critical filmmaking, institutional use of video for campaigning and the question of creating new ways of funding for nonfiction filmmaking.


Leftvision is alternative and critical television, which documents and analyses protests and movements. Leftvision produces reports, short documentaries, debate formats and trailers on a wide range of topics from the perspective of and in support of social movements. Our voluntary commitment is based on the conviction that a strong critical and emancipatory actor must counter the growing right-wing public sphere on the web, through which socially critical, anti-racist and anti-neoliberal convictions can become effective in connection with social movements.




Susanne Dzeik is a freelance filmmaker mainly focussed on directing and camera. Her documentary films are especially about people in situations of social upheaval and their individual and collective handling of their struggles. Dzeik has been part of various collectives and organizations f.e. Berlins legendary underground film magazine AK KRAAK, the self-organized film school, filmArche e.V. and the board of AG DOK.


In late 2019 she founded with other colleagues the documentary film initiative and platform docfilm42.de and the association docfilmpool. Together with colleagues from the AG DOK, she is also committed to the reform proposal “Docs for Democracy”. This is a media innovation fund that would finance documentary content with public money and make it freely accessible as a public good.




Surveys, background information, portraits, reports and more – ver.di TV is always there where the world of work and society are on the move.


ver.di TV is a video format which informs about issues surrounding union mobilization and labour struggles in Germany. The platform has been one of the first to use video as a means of information in the age of social media.