Radical film at the
dawn of a new society

Radical film
at the dawn of
a new society


Radical film
at the dawn
of a new


The Radical Film Network Meeting Berlin’19 is organised by Julia Lazarus and Ursula Böckler in cooperation with the Harun-Farocki Institute. It is the first event by the Radical Film Networks to take place in Berlin. The aim is to create an exchange between actors of the Radical Film Network and Berlin filmmakers and cultural practitioners and to promote the British-German dialogue that is made more difficult by current political decisions.


The Radical Film Network was founded in 2013 by a group of film activists, film scientists, documentary filmmakers and film programme managers in London with the aim of supporting the production and distribution of ‘radical films’ in a sustainable manner. Since then, RFN has grown rapidly and now consists of more than one hundred organisations on four continents. The affiliated organisations range from artists’ studios and production collectives to archives, cooperatives, distributors, film festivals, exhibition venues and a host of other less easily categorised groups.


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